Heroes of the Storm eSports – It Helps If You Are Fan

Heroes of the Storm (HotS) is Blizzard’s own go at the MOBA genre. Here is a game that pits ten players who try to best themselves in a match of capturing points, launching missiles at the enemy base and ultimately bringing ruin to their foes’ Nexus. HotS eSports is proving popular enough to enjoy regular updates, all the love developers can bestow upon a product, and the enthusiasm of the community. In this sword-and-sorcery saga, spectators and players both find something to keep them intrigued and at it. As the scene matures, a new phenomenon is slowly shifting into the limelight.

If you have been a regular eSports follower, you have probably caught wind of the fact that people these days will readily wager on their favorite massive online battle arena, or self-styled brawler. And there is plenty of reason why anyone would plunk down hard-earned currency on a video game. It could be because you root for a team or you would like to turn a profit out of a favorite pastime. Whatever your motivation for Heroes of the Storm betting, we are here to help you become a little better at it.

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Heroes of the Storm Betting Sites – May the Summoning Begin

For the most part, Heroes of the Storm betting sites are never exclusively dealing with video games alone. eSports is a fresh market and tentative forays are underway. You may come across one or two websites that are dedicated to Heroes of the Storm betting entirely. Still, you ought to cover your basis and make sure your betting den will earn you a shiny penny and not deprive you of funds. Just as you would consult Icy Veins for a decent talent build, so you would want to know a thing or two about the place where you lay wagers. Here is a handful of pointers that may help you:

  • By fire be purged! First, you will need to check whether you are committing to a licensed website. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and look for credentials.
  • Keep up, old timer. While variety is a bit hard to come by in eSports, you may still check out if your bookie is running the latest HotS tournaments.
  • Someone else with military experience. It would be best to root for operators that have weathered the storm and have an established reputation. Longevity is not a surefire, but it is important.
  • With purpose. Look for the seemingly knotty but all the same important aspects of a bookie. An in-play feature, a slew of depositing and withdrawing options, as well as a native mobile app are always welcome.

eSports HotS Tournaments and Taking the Show on the Road

Heroes of the Storm tournaments have kicked off in earnest. After all, if you want any eSports action, you will have to look in the way of professional competitions and stay ahead of the latest news, as we have described on our tips page. Naturally, designers’ own commitment and the developing company’s financial heft are just as crucial to having a game take off and hit big with gamers and bettors. Smaller than similar games in the MOBA genre, you will be rather pleased to know that HotS events offer a respectable prize pool, which tantalizes bettors with a soft spot for video gaming and gambling.

If you are a newly-fangled punter in the world of pixel frost cones and flaming bolts, then you most certainly will need to know that the competitive scene is split between the East and the West. This comes mostly for the sake of latency, which can easily diminish a game’s skill-based outcome if a spike causes a fight to turn ill.

You will quickly realize that most clashes that have seven-figure prize pools are held locally, where chances to cheat and the Internet’s tantrums are pretty much negated. You may want to apply this to your own betting practice as you set out to lay wagers on HotS eSports.

Accounting for latency in online tournaments is a great way to give yourself some wriggle room when it comes to making a punt. For the time being, the game offers a modest, yet decent, number of markets in the sense of events. Dates are available on both the eSports homepage dedicated to competitions and the Twitter pages of said events. Consider staying tuned.

Premier Events 2017 - $4,783,332.54 From 14 Events




2017-11-27 - 2017-12-10

Series: GHL

  • Teams: 8
  • Location: Beijing
  • Winner: KSVB

HGC Grand Finals


2017-10-26 - 2017-11-04

Series: BlizzCon

  • Teams: 16
  • Location: Anaheim
  • Winner: MVP.B

HGC - Phase #2 Pro EU


2017-06-23 - 2017-10-01

Series: HGC

  • Teams: 8
  • Location: Online
  • Winner: FNC

HGC - Phase #2 Pro KR


2017-06-23 - 2017-10-01

Series: HGC

  • Teams: 8
  • Location: Seoul
  • Winner: MVP.B

32 teams have been chosen and spread out among the four locations where HGC is held: China, Korea, Europe, and North America. 8 teams in each region will compete for a period of 10 weeks in advance of the Mid-Season Brawl, which will continue for five more weeks prior to the participation of the teams in the Eastern Clash event. Meanwhile, western teams will duke it out for a chance to compete in the Western Clash. In the end, surviving teams will meet at the finals that will take place at Blizzcon.

Players, punters, and spectators will be pleasantly surprised when they learn that Twitch has introduced a 60fps 1080p live streaming of all HGC matches. Multi-lingual support will be available for different country regions, through official Blizzard-owned channels, so everybody will be able to see the show while commenting in Twitch’s stream chat.

Global Top 3 Team Rankings For HotS For 2017

  • World Rank: 1

    210 wins / 0 losses

    Total Earnings: $80,000

  • World Rank: 2

    210 wins / 91 losses

    Total Earnings: $814,996

  • World Rank: 3

    210 wins / 42 losses

    Total Earnings: $758,078

HotS Pandemic – the Art of Making Sense of Worlds

eSports appeal to a specific demographics. Therefore, it is very difficult to shake off the feeling that you have already had some experience with video games. Assuming you have, it is even more of a stretch to rule out that you are not familiar with Blizzard’s rich multiverse. The lore rings familiar with quotations from beloved familiar characters dating back decades. In fact, if you are reading this, you are serious about eSports Heroes of the Storm, betting or otherwise. And as fellow enthusiasts, we understand the added joy from predicting the future, instead of ruminating about the past as Chromie would.

Zarya from Heroes of the Storm

HotS is the consummate MOBA game. It draws from Blizzard’s rich heritage and yields a refined product. You may not be intimately familiar with the genre, but you will find familiar faces in the field of battle. Your experience in RTS products such as Warcraft and StarCraft is a steady guiding hand in your future punts. Streamlining your knowledge will boil down to familiarizing yourself with the set-up of the game and its objectives, as well as the current Meta.

Li Ming from HotS

Knowing the Meta, or what the present optimal builds for heroes and team compositions are, is an essential part of being a little better at managing your funds. Coincidentally, drawing on the same knowledge you may lay waste to your enemies if you happen to dabble in recreational gaming. One’s love for HotS can also be a boon to your endeavors as you tune in to catch up on tournaments in your spare time and stay in touch with the community.

Gold Club Championship logo

Knowing the Meta, or what the present optimal builds for heroes and team compositions are, is an essential part of being a little better at managing your funds. Coincidentally, drawing on the same knowledge you may lay waste to your enemies if you happen to dabble in recreational gaming. One’s love for HotS can also be a boon to your endeavors as you tune in to catch up on tournaments in your spare time and stay in touch with the community.

Hots Global Championship awards

The Heroes of the Storm Global Championship (HGC) is the most noteworthy event. It is the point when bookies rally and offer a rich picking of odds. Live streams are fired up and you may use the occasion to place a few high-return wagers. A fair warning to those among you who are new. Make sure you are familiar with the teams in their present setup. A lot may have transpired since the last major tournament and roosters tend to change quickly.

What makes HotS particularly appealing to eSports enthusiasts and punters alike is that Blizzard have done an outstanding job of streamlining a fairly late-arrival in the MOBA universe. The learning curve is mild. You are faced with a fair pick of toons to tinker with, and before long, your flirtation with eSports betting is a passion for the game itself. But passion is good – it will guide your future exploits and leave bookies out of cash.

What makes HotS particularly appealing to eSports enthusiasts and punters alike is that Blizzard have done an outstanding job of streamlining a fairly late-arrival in the MOBA universe. The learning curve is mild. You are faced with a fair pick of toons to tinker with, and before long, your flirtation with eSports betting is a passion for the game itself. But passion is good – it will guide your future exploits and leave bookies out of cash.

Choosing a HotS Site to Place Bets at


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Now, down to the betting action itself. After you have acquired some knowledge of the game, or rather have loads of stored-up tips to be boastful about, it is time to see how this could translate into tidy profits. Heroes of the Storm betting sites are a new breed. Out there, only a handful have an offering that covers electronic sports exclusively. In a sense, the bookmaker that often keeps the pockets of mainstream sports fans in a state of uncertainty may find themselves powerless before your visceral understanding of the game. You will do well to rely on this and employ a few handful tricks that are more common in regular sports betting.

For instance, identifying a value-betting situation is not the painstaking task it is in other forms of betting. If you suspect the operator got something wrong in determining the odds, you may as well grab a pencil and see what your own implied probability about the outcome is. Statistical data may be misleading precisely because teams in eSports all boast powerful roosters that change. New talents are in a sense bred for a new tournament and unfamiliar faces quickly nab the title from established teams. Of course, bookies odds are not so dreadfully off, but as your understanding of the game grows, so you will be able to identify excellent punts based on a gut feeling.

Naturally, a good advisor would caution you not to lay wagers based on how much you sympathise with a team and so you should not. However, when you have reason enough to believe Fnatic are going to walk over MVP Black, you should forge ahead with a killing wager.

Things You Did Not Know About Pro Gaming

eSports started with a simple line of conversation. If you believe rumors, then you should know that a South Korean TV station took a punt on whether it could air professional StarCraft. Nobody could have been sure if there would be sufficient interest in the program. Well, years later, televised eSports has turned out to be more of a fad.
Advertisement rights is one of the most lucrative eSports sector. Professional football teams are investing in FIFA players to represent them at online tournaments. Amazon bought Twtich.tv, the world’s largest eSports streaming operator, for nearly USD1bn.
Tournaments today tend to outsell mainstream sport events such as NBA. Katowice, Poland has become one of the most popular venues where eSports events in Europe take place. Throughout the years, Katowice played host to the HotS Intel Masters and new titles are now arriving.
We may soon call electronic sports mainstream. The Olympic movement is now planning to include more video games as official disciplines. Meanwhile, France has recognized eSports as a real sport. The country is also making a push for the legalization of eSports gambling and it has launched the first eSports only betting site.
Video games played recreationally and professionally are now a favorite pastime. Female players are just as many as male gamers. In competitive eSports, a number of female casters have stolen the limelight from male hosts. Apart from her touch, Sheevra, a game caster, has been able to give great insight into the games she has been covering.

Heroes of the Storm Teams – Picking Your Winner

The fanfare that goes hand in hand with siding for a team in any event can be quite deceptive. But not so much in video games. The fortunes of teams change, but your understanding of the game prior to laying a bet remains the same. One’s ability to pick on subtle changes within a team comes over time. Meanwhile, you will do well to use every possible channel, including live streams to garner an insight whether your future bet is a clever thing to do. Here is a list of Do’s and Don’ts when picking your winner.

  • Pick a strong favorite
  • Follow players and teams’ Twitter feed
  • Be prepared to drop a bet
  • Know the format in advance, possibly maps
  • Do not wager based on odds alone
  • Teams sporting your national colors may still lose
  • Events from previous years no longer matter
  • Never wager big on the underdog

Top HotS Betting Bonuses – Making the Most of Them

Bet on Heroes of the Storm

While Heroes of the Storm betting may be a novelty, it is nevertheless a betting product and bookies should entertain it with the same benefits they usually bestow on regular sports. If you have been playing HotS more than you have been betting, you should know about the clever little ploy operators use to keep you going. Welcome offers are awesome juicy promises that, under the right circumstances, yield solid monetary benefit. All our bookies have done a sterling job out of introducing fair incentives to anyone who is just plunging into the segment. You can find a detailed list in the table below.

Top HotS Betting Bonuses!

Betting Site Deposit & Cashout Options Bonus Amount Required Deposit Start Playing
Debit/Credit Card, PayPal,
Neteller, Paysafecard
$30 $5 Claim your bonus
Debit/Credit Card, PayPal,
Neteller, Paysafecard
£100 in Bet Credits £5 Claim your bonus
10Bet Debit/Credit Card, PayPal $200 $15 Claim your bonus
Debit/Credit Card, PayPal,
Neteller, Paysafecard
$30 $10 Claim your bonus
Debit/Credit Card, PayPal,
Neteller, Paysafecard
$30 $10 Claim your bonus
Debit/Credit Card, PayPal,
Neteller, Paysafecard
$30 $10 Claim your bonus
* T&C’s apply, click CLAIM Your Bonus for details

Of course, there is a few things to be wary of. Most punters embrace the welcome money bookmakers readily offer them. However, some caution is welcome. Rookie offers come with something known as wagering requirements. In other words, those are the conditions you need to fulfil before you can withdraw your winnings. And coming from a fast-paced game such as HotS, we have an inkling you are not big on the technicalities of eSports betting. However, you will do well to peruse the minutiae if you want to be both successful in the Nexus and predicting the results of matches.

Having the Betting HotS? Here Are A Few Suggestions!

Now, that you have decided to bet on HotS it is time to do it well. Multiple approaches to placing a successful wager exist. If you have some experience placing wagers on (e)Sports, you may use some commonplace stratagems. Recreational bettors can still benefit from proven tactics and if you do not feel like unpicking the whole shebang of sports betting, you could still just stick to what works.

HotS Betting Tips For Newbies:

  • Stay away from anything more complicated that a match bet;
  • Stay tuned with Reddit. While betting is not largely discussed there, the current HotS Meta will feature as discussions. Interesting posts around a team and an event often surface as well;
  • Follow up with professional gamers’ streams and develop a love for the game;
  • Always wager at a fraction of your total betting money.

HotS Betting Tips For Professionals:

  • Start by identifying value-betting situations. Crunch the numbers to your own benefit!
  • Account for developments in the athletes’ personal lives. Even a jet-lagged team may be less efficient;
  • Consider your In-play options around huge tournaments. You may opt to hold back with registration at a major eSports HotS bookie and bid your time well. If you have sufficient understanding of the game, we advise claiming bonuses from all operators;
  • Hedge against adversity by spreading the risk among betting dens, which offer competitive odds. Opt for the best.

A Look at The Prize Pools – Heroes of the Storm Is Not an Old Flint

You have noticed Blizzard’s own commitment to eSports. The company has been advancing the cause of video games through its yearly pow-wow smugly called BlizzCon. At BlizzCon, you will see all competitive titles being played professionally, and you can expect to hear rumors about upcoming forays into the world of digitalized competition. Let us have a more comprehensive look at what is on offer.

money pool

Largest Prize Pools

  1. BlizzCon 2016 (Heroes) $1,000,000.00
  2. HGC 2017 Global Finals $1,000,000.00
  3. BlizzCon 2015 (Heroes) $500,000.00
  4. DreamHack All-Stars - Summer 2016 (HotS) $500,000.00
  5. Heroes Spring Global Championship 2016 $500,000.00
  6. HGC 2017 - Phase #1 Pro EU $425,000.00
  7. HGC 2017 - Phase #1 Pro KR $425,000.00
  8. HGC 2017 - Phase #1 Pro NA $425,000.00
  9. HGC 2017 - Phase #2 Pro EU $425,000.00
  10. HGC 2017 - Phase #2 Pro KR $425,000.00

Tournament organizers at a glance

Some of the most respectable events that host HotS competitions are long-running organizations whose brands are synonymous of electronic sports. Others are have come into existence recently to support the onslaught of the game. You will do well to find out more about those major events as well as when and where those are taking place. DreamHack are organizers who have done a lot to popularize gaming and show the world that it is not the pastime of basement dwelling riff-raff. Perhaps the same will happen to Heroes of the Storm betting, as it receives more acceptance.

  • BlizzCon is still the most-recognized event out there;
  • Prize pools increase incrementally year-on-year;
  • The Club World Championships is the premier event in Asia;
  • Local events are becoming increasingly popular;
  • Blizzard continues to build structured league play which allows HotS to advance as a flagship eSports title.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) For eSports Betting

Surely, an incipient eSports betting enthusiast would like to know more about the future of the industry. Will more bookies continue to endorse the idea of hammering out odds on the outcome of HotS matches? What are developers’ own two-cents about the direction HotS is taking? Do we need to be actively involved with the game beyond garnering a basic understanding to place successful bets? We have the answers to those in our section here.

HotS eSports and the road ahead: What to expect?

The game seems to be in a good health. If you are a well-seasoned punter who has spent some time around it, you will know that bookies continue to come up with fresh odds. Developers have also reiterated their commitment throughout 2017, which has been the strongest yet on record for HotS, both in terms of competitions and betting opportunities.

Should I get down to HotS gaming if I want to one up the bookmakers?

Understanding the game in essence may prove sufficient to become a successful punter. However, the more knowledge you garner about it, the better your chances will be, provided you gamble with the correct mindset, namely to improve yourself. With this being said, the relatively mild learning curve of HotS make it an easy title to get involved with.

What markets should I be betting on?

Pretty much all of them. Events for HotS are well-known and familiarizing yourself with those would give you a foothold. It is also a good way to make sure you do not fall behind the latest developments.

Bring the Mega Death, As E.T.C. Would Say

This may be the conclusion of our HotS eSports overview, but this is hardly going to be the last guitar solo of old E.T.C. The good news is our website is crammed with useful bits of information that covers anything from heroes and practical advice on how to be better at betting through a review of the game and its current ranking system. If you share our excitement for a punt and unpicking the nitty-gritty of a brilliant piece of video game, make sure to check out the rest of the content.