Meet the Team!

A Message from John, Matt, Lee, and Robert  

Geeks at heart with a penchant for the odd flutter every now and then, we've been united by our love of one game and the betting options it offers. From LAN parties back in the day to major league tournaments, we've been honing our skills at playing video games and tapping into the potential they have as eSports. All of this has ultimately lead to the launch of this website. We not only wanted to play together, but also to analyze and expand any further knowledge of the universe that is Heroes of the Storm.

After falling in love with the MOBA style genre almost five years ago, we started to experiment with the best games that came out. And while at some point all of them started to look the same, a game came out that would completely change our perspective of how we viewed MOBA style games. Enter, Heroes of the Storm. Officially dubbed a "Hero Brawler", Blizzard officials are staying away from connecting the genre definition-MOBA to Heroes of the Storm.

We Stay on Top of All Updates

Just a few weeks ago, Blizzard introduced an in-game voice chat function to the HotS platform. All of us come from former HotS teams, so we definitely appreciated the new feature. Since update patch version 2.0 first came out, we saw major overhauls of characters like Hammer, Tychus, Butcher, and almost everyone else. This phenomenon required a change in the play styles of all gamers, and this wasn’t very easy.

The stats of our analysis gave the HotS fanbase much more understandable means to cope with newly introduced changes. Not only that, but we also started researching sportsbook brands that featured Heroes of the Storm as a market opportunity. This way, our readers will have an idea about what happens in the game, and outside of it.

We Make Sure All Recommended HotS Betting Sites Are Up to Snuff

Trying to find a reliable bookie that offers betting on leagues and tournaments and has great odds is not an easy task. Add to that the need for safety and security online, and you have quite the conundrum. That's why, we decided to set up a website where we will share our own experiences with sports betting sites and rate them in terms of license and regulation, variety of markets, bonuses, and customer care, in addition to giving tips and insights of the game.

When you know your game, you will know your true odds. Alas, Heroes of the Storm is a team game, and although things might look like you're on the safe side, this is when it usually gets bad. Isolating lone characters and ambushing them with superior numbers is a tactic that allows for gaining an early advantage during the early stages of the game; and although it doesn't decide the final course of the match, it is still a considerable benefit for the entire team.

Make sure you visit our webpage regularly. You will not only get the latest updates on newly introduced features in Heroes of the Storm, but also find the hottest new markets offered by e-sportsbooks everywhere.

The Team
Jonathan Rogers

Jonathan Rogers (CritHit)

21 yrs old

Favorite Hero


Playing Style Weakness

Sometimes goes to stalk enemy team when they are doing a camp in hopes to steal it away from them. It has never worked but he keeps on trying.

Strong Points

Knows how to go in an out of fights, stays well hidden, and deliver explosive damage in a second.

Matthew J. Smith

Matthew J. Smith (Jamba_7)

24 yrs old

Favorite Hero


Playing Style Weakness

Lacks early game leadership.

Strong Points

Impeccable management during team fights, always informs everybody when he will be able to perform a heal or a stun, as well as mana count.

Lee Doorman

Lee Doorman (ColdStunner)

21 yrs old

Favorite Hero


Playing Style Weakness

Poor map awareness, sometimes leaves team to die because he is trying to solo a merc camp, while his team is defending.

Strong Points

Master of bodyblocking, movement trajectory prevention, and in most cases can shield a retreating ally while obstructing an enemy character's movement.

Robert Thompson

Robert Thompson (E_therazer)

25 yrs old

Favorite Hero


Playing Style Weakness

Often chooses a difficult build which rarely pays off.

Strong Points

Able to bring disarray to an enemy formation, breaking focus fire away from teammates.